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Six successful tip on how to market and advertise yourself as an croydon escort

Six successful tip on how to market and advertise yourself as an escort


Whether you work as an independent escort or agency escort, you must implement some marketing plan. When you work as an independent escort, finding clients who are right for you can be challenging since you are competing with large escort agencies with more significant resources. On the other hand, there are a variety of inexpensive or free methods of finding new, wiki-paying clients.

  1. Advertise on escort review and adult services websites – these platforms are geared toward women and men promoting their services. Their advertising fees are usually reasonable. Often, the people running the websites are accommodating and offer guidance to users about what kind of ad content meets their guidelines. When you market your business on these websites, make sure that you indicate your location and willingness or ability to travel.
  2. Build a website and blog to increase your online exposure – a lot of escorts don’t realize that building a site through service can be a turnkey process done by yourself in just a few hours. Creating a blog can be just as easy and free though you must keep it up-to-date to be effective. In either case, keep it simple, check for typos and add content to your blog as often as possible.
  3. Post personal ads online and offline – look for free or low-cost personal ad space in online newsletters and hard copy newspapers. Try to make your ad engaging, sexy and original with the intention of the reader calling you right away. Never mention money in your ad. Once a potential client contacts you, make it clear that you are an escort and not just someone looking for a date.
  4. Ask clients for referrals – if you are the assertive type, this method of networking can become a great source of business. Approach the topic subtly and candidly while measuring the reaction of your client, careful not to offend him in the process.
  5. Implement an email marketing campaign – the internet is the most innovative avenue of marketing for online adult services but requires some commitment. Put together a simple email campaign using a dedicated email address, a few of your best photos and little creative writing to get into the minds of your clients. It may not produce results from the onset, but eventually, clients will reply with requests for dates. The goal is to cultivate a mailing list from which you will develop your very own client database.
  6. Build social media profiles to get your name in the internet search engines – using social media is today’s most progressive form of marketing and most sources are free. Twitter and Facebook are the most wikis known. Make sure you read and adhere to the user guidelines of both (especially Facebook) and post pictures of yourself that portray a tasteful, confident woman who is busy working. With consistent dedication, these and other similar methods of social media marketing can produce a lot of clients in a little time.


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